Short Biiz Tutorial

Throughout this tutorial we will show you how to setup your biiz account and how to create your first promo.


Create Account

1. Download Biiz app and tap on the photo circle

2. Import photo form gallery or take new picture

3. Tap next button to proceed


Add Store Photos

1. Tap on the photo squares

2. Import photo from gallery or take new picture

3. Tap next button to proceed


Add your Biiz Name

1. Enter your name

2. Enter your website or facebook page

3. Tap next button to proceed


Setup your location

1. Enter your Location

2. Tap next button to proceed

* If you are on desired location tap ( aim ) button and map will automatically pinpoint your location. * You can always "drag" map to set precise location.


Add bussines description

1. Describe your business in few words

2. Choose your business category

3. Tap next to finish Biiz setup


Create New Promo

1. Tap on Create New Promo Button

2. Tap purple circle to select icon enter promotion title & desciption

3. Select promotion end time ( slide hours )

4. Tap on Preview & Publish to proceed to Preview

*you can save your promotion to drafts and use it later


Create New Promo

1. Preview your promo

2. If everything looks right tap on Publish Now

*you can always tap on back arrow so you could edit your promo


How to Re-Use your old promo

1. You can find your old offers under All Posted tab

2. Tap on 3 dots and then Re-Use

3. From there you can edit your promotion or publish with same description.


Repeat your expired offer

When offer expires :
Tap on Repeat this promotion button


How to invite customers

1. Go to Settings

2. Tap on Invite Customers

3. Choose invite method


How to broadcast message

To send broadcast message to all followers :

1. Go to Messages tab

2. Choose Broadcast in tab menu

3. Tap on New Message and type your broadcast message